Ring Sling Taffeta

Ring Sling handmade taffeta fabric.

Ring slings are ideal for babywearing from birth up to 6 -8 months (depending on the baby weight). Due to the small size of their little bodies babies this age fit perfectly into the fabric of this sling and the mother finds it extremely easy to care for the comfort and safety of your baby. The weight of the older babies already can be exhausting for the mother because the weight is on one shoulder. However the ring sling is also an excellent choice for babywearing toddlers who like walk or run, especially in short walks. This is thanks to its ease of use allows the child up and down constantly without even take away the ring sling of the shoulder.

The taffeta also is known as plane and it is the most single structure in which a warp yarn is passed through a wire frame. Is the tissue of traditional mexican rebozos.

Your taffeta fabric makes this slings very cool Ideal for hot climates or for the summer. Ring system makes it one of the most practical slings.

Our taffeta ring sling are made with aluminum rings SlingRings large and are terminated with rapacejo.

The rapacejo is a series of knots with traditional mexican rebozos are completed.

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