List of the most frequently asked questions on our website regarding the use of baby carriers, how to choose a baby carrier

Questions and answers to choose a baby carrier

What a difference between a rebozo and a scarf. Which suits me The rebozo of rings is only slightly longer than the normal rebozos and the only difference is that they have a pair of rings at one end to facilitate their adjustment. Its use is quite simple as you only have to pass the fabric through the pair of rings and pull the fabric to tighten and loosen. The scarf is a very long fabric of approximately 5 meters. This length is required because its use is from a series of knots.

A big difference between the rebozo and the scarf is that with the rebozo the weight of the baby falls on only one shoulder, while with the scarf the weight is distributed over our two Shoulders, back and waist. This makes the rebozo especially recommended for babies or older babies but on short walks. While the scarf is especially recommended for big babies and / or long walks.

I do not understand what is taffeta and twill. What do you mean

Taffeta and twill are types of fabric. Taffeta is the simplest fabric. The taffeta fabric is in which a weft thread is combined by a warp yarn, it is lighter and cooler. In general, taffeta is the fabric of traditional rebozos. The twill is another type of fabric in which the thread structure is much more complicated and with which fabrics are much more spongy and with greater resistance. Due to how the threads are woven the fabric is much warmer but also fits better to the baby's body and the wearer, and most importantly, it is not nailed, ie we do not have to be constantly re-adjusting it.

If the place where you live is very warm I recommend a rebozo or scarf taffeta because they work very well and are fresh and light. If your place is cold I definitely recommend a twill as well as being warm is the fabric that best fits.

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