Size guide

Brief guide to the correct choice of Indajani wraps Choosing the right size for our Indajani wrap is of great importance in order to have a safe and comfortable babywearing. Due to this we present to you this brief guide for the correct choice of the measurement of our Indajani wraps. To choose the length of the wrap we must take into account the porter's complexion and the type of knots that we want to perform. The following tables of measurements and moorings can help us in the choice. In case we have doubts regarding two sizes our recommendation is always to choose the longest among the sizes that we are doubting. If there is enough cloth we will always have the possibility to take one more turn or in his case cut the wrap, but if we fall short we can stay with the desire to use the wrap with a knot that fascinate us.

Knots for shaving and wrap This is a selection of the main knots and moorings for rebozo and wrap. Click on the link to see the videos that you can find in the network with the corresponding node:

Surrounding Cross Media

Simple hip

Rebozo to the back

Rebozo a hip

Kangaroo in front

Kangaroo to the hip

Kangaroo to the back

Cross to hip

Simple cross front

Simple cross to back

Double Cross

Cross surrounding frog

Poppins (hip)

Robins (hip)

Double hammock

Christina Ruckless

Reinforced back kangaroo

Small size mooring table (woman)

small size

If you are looking for a small size of man it is best to select the next size.

Medium size mooring table (woman)

medium size

If we are looking for a medium size man it is best to select the next size.

Large size mooring table (woman)

If you are looking for a great size for men it is best to select the next size.

Extra large size mooring table (woman)

If you are looking for extra large size of man it is best to select the next size.

We hope this guide will help you with the best choice of the size of your Indajani wraps.