Indajani ("Water that is born" in Zapoteco)

About us Indajani Reeds Indajani Rural Production Society is a company of craftsmen of the area known as Sierra Sur in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Women and men that we dedicate to weave in waist loom and weave of pedalos rebozos, scarfs and other portabasses by hand. In Indajani we aim at the artisan and ecological elaboration of products compatible with natural breeding.

We believe that baby products should seek to foster the special bond between mother and child. We believe that raising children with love and respect can not make them spoiled. We believe that the contact, both physical and emotional, between mothers and children is of great importance for what to carry our children is the best for this natural upbringing, for this upbringing with love.

We also believe that we have a commitment to our children to leave them a better world. For this reason we know that any activity of man should be done in an environmentally friendly way.

This is our philosophy and our way of understanding the world. For this reason we only produce products that stimulate the natural relationship of closeness that is established between mothers, fathers and children. Products that serve, not to entertain but to be closer to them.

This is the philosophy behind Indajani products, products that are made with love, love for nature. We hope you and your baby enjoy them.

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