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Baby Carrier type onbuhimo: Zhuub Pink



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Onbucarrier Zhuub Pink

Beautiful and practical baby carrier 100% cotton. baby carrier handmade in a fabric of pre-Hispanic origin. This fabric has a right and reverse.  A baby carrier very soft where colors are combined in a perfect way to achieve a beautiful fabric.

Baby carrier made 100% fabric handwoven.

This is certainly a fabric full of symbolism. The main band composed of six columns of small circles represents the corn kernels (zhubb in zapoteco). The band left with figures in a zig-zag represents bainas bean, another essential food for the Zapotec people. The right side is in honor of the people. Each side of these figures there is a band with one of the friezes or geometric figures that are present in the ceremonial architecture of ancient Zapotec city of Mitla, Mictlan or Lyobaa. This frieze is a representation of the cardinal points for the Zapotec town was six. North-South, East-West and a center that balances these opposites and "projects" to the exaltation of the spirit (the Above) or precipitates in the degradation of the material (the Below).

Being elaborate in handmade fabric Indajani onbucarrier perfectly matches the baby body like a second skin.

Baby carrier type onbuhimo. Onbuhimo means "carried on the back" which indicates that it is a baby carrier to carry mainly to the back but can also be done in front

Soft padding on the straps and in the area of the knees for comfort of the baby and the carrier.

Adjustable straps to fit different sizes of carrier

Adjustable Cap to hold the baby's head and keep the sun.

Ergonomic design that respects the natural position of the baby.

Buckles of the highest quality for ease of use

Measurements panel: 43 cm wide. 52 cm long

Recommended age: 6 months to 3 years (15 to 33 lbs.)

This baby carrier because it is an onbuhimo does not have a belt

Note: Due to the handmade process of weaving, measurements, weight and color of the fabric may differ slightly.

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Data sheet

100% Cotton
300 gr/m2
In front. In the back
Recommended weight
7 to 15 kilos
Recommended age
6 months to 3 years